How to Replace a Wooden Garage Door Weather Seal

What You'll Need
Small pry bar
Silicone caulk
Caulking gun
8d finishing nails
Hand broom
Putty knife
Step ladder
Weather seal

A wooden garage door is like metal or plastic garage doors in the fact that they all require a weather seal of some kind. This prevents the garage door from rotting or eroding over time at the most vulnerable areas. This weather seal is most important on a wooden garage door. The other purpose of a weather seal is to protect the inside of the garage. Unfortunately the weather seal is not perfect and will eventually rot. This means you will need to replace it. The article that follows will share with you how to remove and replace the weather seal on a wooden garage door.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Weather Seal

In order to put on new weather seal you need to remove the old weather seal first. For this you will need to use the pry bar and the hammer. Place the tip of the pry bar behind the weather seal material. With the wooden garage door you need to be very careful as removing the weather seal can cause damage to the door. Instead of pulling down on the pry bar to remove it use the hammer. Gently tap the weather seal with the hammer. Continue tapping until the weather seal becomes loose. Continue around the perimeter of the wooden garage door until the weather seal is loose and sagging. You can start pulling it off the garage door until it is completely removed.

Step 2 - Clean Up

Even though you removed the weather seal from the wooden garage door there is still residue left over as well as old sealant or bits of weather seal. Start using a small hand brush along with a putty knife to scrape and sweep away any of the leftover dirt and debris. This is an important step as the sealing process will not work if the wooden garage door is overly dirty.

Step 3 - Install the Weather Seal

Trim the wooden garage door weather seal as needed by lining it up with the door. On the side of the weather seal that it is supposed to be pressed to the wooden garage door needs a line of sealant. Use small beads along the length of the garage door. Once the silicone is applied to the weather seal press it along the bottom of the wooden garage door. Press it flat on the garage door. With the weather seal in place add a finishing nail at the front, center and back of the weather seal you placed on the garage door. Repeat with the top of the garage door.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

With the weather seal is in place you need to protect it by placing a line of silicone caulk along the unfinished edges of the weather seal. This not only further seals the weather seal but creates a finished edge that is more appealing. The silicone will dry fairly quickly but keep it dry so it can cure.