How to Replace Aluminum Siding Corners

What You'll Need
Aluminum Siding Corners
Siding Removing Tool
Crow Bar
Spirit Level
Siding Nails
Safety Gloves

If you have some damaged siding corners on your home, you will need to be able to quickly repair them as water can easily penetrate in these corners. If you want to replace the corner sidings quickly and easily, you will need to start by sliding the siding close to the corner out, so that you can dig out the corner and add a new one without taking down the entire siding. This is not a simple job, and you will need a few hours in which to do it, plus some good weather to prevent rain from penetrating the wall while the siding corners are not there.

Step 1 - Remove the Siding

You need to move your siding to get it out of the way. To do this, place a siding tool or a crow bar under the bottom of your top layer of siding. Pry this upwards until it is loose, and then go along the siding for about 3 feet from the corner to ensure that it is free. Repeat this for each of the pieces of siding until you get to the bottom. If you need to release two sides to remove the corner, work on opposite sides alternately, so that you will be able to pull down the siding if necessary.

Step 2 - Remove the Corner

Take out the nails that are holding the corner box in place, using the claw end of a hammer. Pull out the nails holding in the siding edges nearest to the corner too, so that all of the parts are moving freely. You should then take your crow bar and pull the corner towards you. Ensure that you remove all of the pieces of the siding corners.

Step 3 - Add the New Corner

Fit one new aluminum siding corner into position. You will need to hold back the pieces of siding around the corner, and then nail it into position. If you have a helpful friend, have them hold the corner in place while you add the nails. Use your spirit level to ensure that your corner is exactly in the center. You should then go down the length of the corner, with a nail about every one and a half feet or where the nail holes have been pre-drilled.

Step 4 - Replacing the Siding

Push the bottom piece of siding into the corner flange. You should then nail it into place. Repeat this for all of the pieces of siding along one wall, and then start at the bottom again on the other. You should be able to snap the siding into position by pressing down upon it with your hands as you move it towards the corner.