How to Replace Aluminum Storm Window Glazing

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-125
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Screwdriver that has a very thin shank
Utility knife
Work gloves
New glazing spline
Glazing roller
Window cleaner and paper towels
Large table
Blanket, carpet or other cushion

Replacing the glazing in an aluminum storm window is a straightforward process. This type of storm window does not require any adhesive or putty to hold the glass in place. It uses a glazing spline that acts as a sealant to affix the glass pane to the window frame.

Disassemble the Storm Window

Once you have removed the storm window from the existing window frame lay it down on a large table. Using your screwdriver, loosen the sheet metal screws. The tool will need to have a very thin shank as the screws are located at each corner under the lip of the frame. Remove all of the screws and set them aside for reassembly.

Some types of storm windows are not held together by screws but by small metal clips. These can be pried loose to disassemble the window. Set them aside for reassembly. Do not misplace the clips as they can be hard to replace.

Measure the Window Glass

Once you have the window disassembled, you will need to measure the glass. Wear work gloves when handling storm window glass as the edges can be very sharp. The glass in an aluminum storm window is separated from the frame by the vinyl glazing spline.

Accurate measurements of the glass are required for the best results. You will need to measure the thickness of the glass as well as across the top, across the bottom, the left side, and the right side so that you buy the right thickness and length needed to seal the glass. If it is too small, the glass could fall out of the frame when reinstalled.

Replace the Glazing Spline

Insert the window glass into the frame. Using the spline roller, press the glazing spline into place between the window and the frame. Do not push too hard as the pressure could break the glass. Trim off any excess glazing spline with a utility knife

Reattach the Fasteners

Depending on the type of aluminum storm window that you have, you will either reinsert the screws or snap the metal clips back into place. Do this carefully as too much force could break the glass.

Clean the Storm Window

Use the glass cleaner and paper towels to clean the window of any marks left from handling.