How to Replace an Air Blower in Your Engine

  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-150
What You'll Need
Air Blower
Fan Guard Clips

The Air blower in the car engine helps keep the radiator cool once it reaches a certain temperature. When the coolant temperature reaches a certain temperature, usually 92 degrees Celsius or 102 degrees Fahrenheit, the thermometer switch closes and initiates the blower on the driver side to run. This blower is known as the primary blower. It runs at a slow speed usually, and you can hear it turn on and off according to your vehicle's temperature. This blower will run even with the air conditioner on. While your engine burns the mixture of fuel and air, it produces a lot of heat. Too much heat will damage your engine. The blower, equipped with four blades that spin rapidly to supply enough air, helps get rid of excessive heat by keeping the engine cool.

Some of the later model vehicles have a second blower located in front of the radiator to pull in more cool air toward the engine. These are especially convenient when the weather is hot and your vehicle tends to move slower than normal. A small amount of cool air reaches the radiator which in turn, does not sufficiently cool the engine. There are two types of air blowers; manual and electric. The electric blowers can be found on either side of your radiator. The blower closer to the front grill is known as the “pusher fan” while the blower closer to the engine is known as the “puller” fan. A manual blower operates with a belt and fan clutch.

Steps to Replace the Electric Air Blower

Step 1 – Remove the Battery Terminal

Only remove the negative (-) battery terminal. Do not remove the positive (+) terminal. You do not want it to touch metal anywhere.

Step 2Remove the Wire

Remove the wire hook ups to the electric blower. If the blower is a plug in, you can push the tabs in with screw drivers, and pull out the plug. If your blower is not a plug in, you can squeeze the connectors open and pull out the wires.

Step 3Remove the Plastic Clips

Plastic clips run through the fan guard and into the radiator. Pull these out and throw away. You should have new ones when you install the new blower.

Step 4 – Remove the Blower

Remove the current blower from the radiator and install the new blower.

Steps to Replace the Manual Air Blower

Step 1Remove the Fan Shroud

Take the fan “shroud” from the blower.

Step 2 Remove the Bolts

Loosen the bolts that hold the blower down to the water pump pulley. Remove the loose bolts from the blower.

Step 4Remove the Blower

Remove the blower and the blower clutch

Step 5Replace the Blower

Lay the belt across the water pulley instead of trying to maneuver it around the fan blades. Replace the blower or the blower clutch. Unless the blower blades are damaged, you will only need to replace the blower clutch.

Step 6 – Replace the Belt and Fan “Shroud”

Put bolts back in. Turn the bolt until it fits snug and is in correct place. Next, replace the belt and the fan “shroud”.