How to Replace an Air Conditioner Fan Motor

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
Broom, cloth or other cleaning device
Soft brush
What You'll Need
Broom, cloth or other cleaning device
Soft brush

In order to keep the air conditioner fan motor clean and easy to handle, we have decided to provide our readers with a helpful guide pertaining to the details of how one can replace the air conditioner fan motor safely. It is simple and very easy to do if you have the right equipment and a bit of efficiency with wires and switches.

Worry not: you don’t have to a qualified mechanic to replace an air conditioner fan motor. With the help of several specialized tools (readily available at any tool market near you), replacing fan motors can easily be done.

Step 1 – Switch the Power Off

Remember to carefully switch off the power to the unit before you begin. Normally, there are shut-off buttons or disconnect panels on the house wall right next to the outdoor compressor. If that is not the case, simply shut off the power supply to the air conditioner at the main electrical panel.

Step 2 – Remove Clutter

In order to replace the fan motor of your AC, carefully clean away the rake leaves, dust particles, dust bunnies and debris away from the outdoor condenser.

Step 3 – Remove Grill

Now carefully remove the protective grill of your air conditioner. This grill is otherwise known as the cover form and can be easily removed by lifting its edges.

Step 4 – Vacuum the Fins

Make sure that you use a soft brush in order to remove the debris and rakes from the fins of the air conditioner. Right beneath the fins, remains the fan motor of the air conditioner. After this point, you will find it convenient to remove the fan motor.

Step 5 – Gently Remove the Wiring

Below the fins of the air conditioner, you will find the fan motor attached to the air conditioner with the help of wires and switches. First hose the fins down and carefully avoid pulling the wires as this may lead to electrical damage. Some air conditioners require oil-lubrication for the removal of the fan motor.

Step 6 – Remove Fan Motor

In order to remove the fan motor, simply remove the fan, along with the power wires and a few mounting bolts. The trick here is that you have to install the new fan motor in reverse procedure. Place the fan motor inside in the central unit of the air conditioner, tighten the wires and fix the switches.

Step 7 – Finishing Up

Now that you are almost done with placing the fan motor back into the air conditioner, make sure that you have turned the AC back on to thermostat mode. Sometimes, due to forgetfulness or carelessness, we end up leaving the thermostat off and it proves to be a huge problem later on. Hopefully, after replacing your fan motor in your air conditioner, the cooling will be better than ever.