How to Replace an Angle Grinder Motor

What You'll Need
New angle grinder motor

Replacing an angle grinder may seem like a difficult task. But by following this step-by-step guide in replacing them, you will find that it's not that hard at all. It will only be a tedious job but the steps involved are pretty simple. So if you want to learn how to replace an angle grinder motor, prepare the tools and materials needed before you start working on this project.

Step 1 – Turn off the Angle Grinder

When trying to replace parts of any kind of equipment or tool, never forget to turn it off. Shut off the power before you start opening up covers and disassembling parts. Switch off the tool and unplug it. Always remember to do this when carrying out any kind of repair, maintenance or replacement job on any kind of tool.

Step 2 – Remove Side Grip

An angle grinder requires a side grip in order to work and function properly. Since you are replacing the angle grinder motor, you will need to remove a couple of parts including the side grip. Remove it by loosening the screw that holds it securely to the tool. You will need to work with the tool's lock lever or shaft lock in order toe remove the side grip. Once removed, move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Remove the Wheel Guard

Another angle grinder part you need to remove is the wheel guard.Unscrew the wheel guard by rotating it 180 degrees to loosen it up. Remove the wheel guard from the protrusion on the wheel guard band. You may have to flex the wheel or wire wheel brush if you are using a depressed center grinding wheel/multi-disc.

Step 4 – Remove the Depressed Center Grinding Wheel or Multi-disc

Loosen the lock nut that holds the wheel or disc with a lock nut wrench. Once loose, remove it by unlocking the shaft. Note that the shaft locks the wheel/disc securely so that the spindle doesn't revolve. Unlock that shaft and remove the inner flange from the spindle. Remember to be gentle when working with the grinding wheel or multi-disc. The wheel can shatter when being used and the guard allows for protection. Make sure to keep these parts later on when you need to replace the parts back.

Step 5 – Remove the Flex Wheel

The same steps with removing the depressed center grinding wheel or multi-disc should be followed when removing the flex wheel. This time though, you might see a plastic pad over the wheel. Make sure to remove it and keep it so you won't lose it later on when you have to put the flex wheel back.

Step 6 – Remove the Abrasive Disc

Loosen the lock nut using a lock nut wrench. Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen the lock nut holding the abrasive disc in place. After loosening the lock nut, unlock the shaft so the spindle is loose. Remove the disc from the spindle as well as the rubber pad.

Step 7 – Replace Angle Grind Motor

Now unscrew the angle grind motor and replace with the new one that you have purchased. Make sure to replace all parts exactly the way it was when you removed them. Make sure to tighten all screws and lock nuts and lock all the shafts. Once you're done, plug the tool and test it out.