How to Replace an In-Ground Pool Pump

What You'll Need
New Pump
Hose Clamp

An inground pool pump is the workhorse of the entire filtration system. The pump for an inground pool is usually 1 hp or better with a 24 inch sand filter attached to it. Many times when the pump goes it is better to replace both the pump and the filter together as they must work together for a cleaner pool. There are times when you can match the same type of motor to the filter if it isn't too old. Replacing the pump is not a difficult project and should be something that anyone who owns an inground pool is familiar with. 

Step 1: Turn off Power to Pump

It is important to turn the power off to the pump and filter before removing it. You can either unplug the pump or shut off the circuit if the pump motor is hardwired into the breaker. 

Step 2: Stop Water Flow From Pool

To remove the old inground pool pump you will need to stop the flow of water from the pool to the pump. Once you remove the clamps from the hoses water will run out of the pool. Remove the basket from the skimmer and place a rubber stopper over the hole. You will also need to do this for the water inlet jets too so the water does not backwash out of the pool.

Step 3: Disconnect Hoses from Pump

The hoses from the pipes to the pump are connected through the use of adjustable clamps. These clamps have a small screw that loosens or tightens the band around the hose. Use a screwdriver and back out the screw to loosen the hose. Have a small bucket close by to catch the water remaining in the hoses. Remove the hose from the pump inlet and outlet.

Step 4: Disconnect Pump from Filter

The pump is connected to the filter through a small tube that is held in place with a clamp. There are also four small bolts on the bottom of the pump that hold it to the bottom panel of the pump assembly. Remove the bolts with a socket wrench and disconnect the hose leading to the filter. 

Step 5: Remove and Replace Pump

If you are only replacing the pump, you will need to lift out the old pump and then set in the new one. If you have the same model, it will bolt right in without any changes. If you are changing the entire filter and pump assembly you need to remove the entire thing and set a new one in place. 

Step 6: Connect Pump to Filter

Connect the pump to the filter through the hose and clamp that you disconnected previously.

Step 7: Make All Connections on Pump

Secure the pump to the bottom plate with the bolts and make sure they are tight. Connect the hoses to the inlet area of the pump and tighten the hose clamps. 

Step 8: Prime the Pump

Remove the rubber stoppers on the skimmer and water inlet jets. Plug the pump back in so you can test the operation. You may have to prime the pump first by dumping some water directly into the pump. This will start the suction needed to draw water out of the pool.