How to Replace Bathroom Heat Lamps

Bathroom heat lamps provide additional heat in a cold bathroom. When planning to install a new lamp for the purpose of increasing the rating of the device or simply replacing a damaged one, you need to take careful consideration of the removal and installation procedures.

Tools and Materials

  • Screwdriver
  • New bathroom heat lamp
  • Wiring Equipment
  • Safety Goggles

Step 1 – Plan the New Installation

Determine whether to change the light bulbs in the socket or replace the entire lamp from the electrical box on the ceiling. To change a damaged light bulb, remove the cover of the lamp, unscrew the old one and fasten a new one in place. Put the cover back on.

However, if the lamp needs to be replaced, the entire fixture needs to be disconnected from both the ceiling and the wiring connections. This requires some degree of experience and electrical skills.

Determine the best type of heat lamps to install in the bathroom. Take note that each bulb is usually rated 250 W each so installing a lamp with four bulbs means installing a total of 1000 W. This amount of heat can damage fabric and plastic if they are situated too close to the lamp so exercise caution.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Fixture

Switch the circuit breaker off to the bathroom ensure that no electricity runs to the room. Test the wires using a voltmeter to make sure. Use protective glasses to cover both eyes and use a table or chair to reach the ceiling. Locate the mounting hardware securing the fixture to the ceiling and loosen them. Removing the mounting hardware depends from one fixture to the other. Some can be removed easily by loosening a few screws.

As soon as the mounting hardware is removed, pull down the wiring connections. Remove the wire caps connecting the individual wires and disconnect all wires from each other. Unhook the ground wires as well. To pull the entire fixture from the ceiling, loosen the mounting brackets in the electrical box.

Step 3 – Install the Replacement

Assemble the lamp according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the bulbs are correctly in place. Check the manufacturer’s manual for correct instructions on mounting the new heat lamps as well.

Before mounting, connect the individual wires following the correct color coding first. Locate the wiring harness on the fixture and pull out the wires. Connect the black hot wire to the black wire on the connecting cable. Connect both white neutral wires together as well and hook both ground wires to a ground screw in the electrical box. Both neutral and hot wires should be attached using wire nuts.

Mount the brackets on the device to the electrical box first. This allows provides the initial mounting. Afterwards, put the entire fixture up towards the ceiling to cover the box. Align the screw holes and fasten the screws. Turn on the power supply and the light switch to test the installation.