How to Replace Casement Windows

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  • 4-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 700-10,000
What You'll Need
Pry bar
New Window
Gasket sealing tape
Galvanized nails
Trim replacement

Casement windows are the windows that have the cranks on them. They can be made out of vinyl or metal and are now made in a dual-pane model for energy efficiency. Replacing a casement window is very similar to replacing other windows. The main difference is how you finish the window off on the inside of the home. You will need to allow for clearance of the crank.

Measure And Order

A casement window is measured and ordered by measuring the interior of the glass. You will need to order a size that corresponds to the size of the glass that is in the window.

Check For Fit

For this article, we are assuming that you have already successfully removed the old casement window. You will now check the space that is the opening. Measure the opening and the new window to verify that it will fit in the opening. You also should check the opening to make certain that it is level. Use shims to bring up the height of the areas that need it.

Seal It

Around the frame of the window, you should now apply the gasket sealing tape. It comes in rolls and you should overlap it at the corners. This is a step that cannot be skipped. Doing so can allow water to seep into the interior walls of your home.

Place The Window

Now you can place the window. Depending on the size, you may also need help. Place the window by placing the base first and then rocking the top into place. Place a nail in the center top to keep the window in place. Nail the top of the window first and then check that the window is square by either using a combination square or level. You can make adjustments to the window as you nail it in if it is not square.

Seal Again

Now that the window is square and nailed in place you need to apply another layer of sealing tape. This will ensure that no water gets in through the little crevices and into the frame of the window.

Finish It Off

Now you need to take the time to finish the window. The interior and exterior will need sections of finish replaced. A simple trim may do the trick in many instances. You may find that this is the hardest part of the job. The window is the easy part. On the interior of the window take special care to ensure that you can turn the crank. A window casement that is too large or thick may get in the way of proper usage of the crank.

With these simple steps, you can start with one window and work your way to replacing all of the windows in your home.