How to Replace Concrete Stair Treads

What You'll Need
One bag of cement
Steel rebar - 1/2 inch width with 3 pieces at 4 inches long and 1 piece at 20 inches long,
Bucket of coarse sand
Bucket of clean gravel
Hammer, drill with 6 inch long, 1/2 inch bit
1/2 -inch cold chisel
Wooden board or scrap lumber

Concrete stair treads tend to crack over time. Instead of paying someone else to fix them, why not do it yourself? Today’s article will discuss how to replace stair treads, in a detailed step-by-step guide. 

Step 1 – Remove Loose Concrete

Make sure to remove any loose concrete and stone from the broken tread by using the chisel along with the hammer. Loose debris can cause the new concrete not to set right or be level.

Step 2 – Repairing the Step

Drill 3 equally spaced holes, 2 ½ inches deep, into the area of the step that is being repaired. Drive the 4-inch pieces of rebar into the holes. Make sure to clean up any dust that’s left behind from drilling.

Step 3 – Construct a Form

Construct a form out of a wooden board or scrap lumber. Make sure to cut and size it, as this will be used as your form to place and set the cement.  Hold it in place by concrete blocks. This will be temporary, but you will need it during the entire process and afterwards as the cement cures.

Step 4 – Mix the Cement 

Put the cement in the bucket, add water and stir. The consistency should be like a thick paint. Dampen the area that needs repairing and apply the paint mixture to the old concrete and rebar pins. Mix 1 part cement to 2 parts sand and 2 parts gravel. This will make your cement for the step. The mixture should easily pour, but not be too watered down. If the mixture is too watery, it can cause the cement to weaken and break again.

Step 5 – Pour the Mixture

Pour the mixture into the form you created earlier. Place the 20-inch piece of rebar directly in the center of the fresh concrete. Use a scrap piece of wood or a putty knife to scrape off any extra concrete. Slide a trowel between the form and the concrete to keep stones from surfacing.

Step 6 – Let it Sit

Let the concrete mixture sit for 2-3 hours until it starts to harden. Now you can remove the form that you made earlier. To give the concrete a nice finish, rub it with a small chunk of wood. After texturing the step, replace the original form again. Cover the repair job with plastic to protect it. The plastic and form should remain in place for at least 3 days. After three days you can check the step and use the stairs as you normally would.


  • Make sure to wear safety gear at all times.
  • Make sure to use the proper tools for the job to avoid injury to you or your property.