How to Replace Damaged Fascia Board

What You'll Need
Fascia board
Measuring tape
Reciprocating saw
Circular saw
Paint brush
Galvanized Nails
Silicone caulk

Fascia board is fixed to the timber rafter at the end on the roof. These boards are wood sheets. The boards develop damages due to the drip edges of roof, if they are improperly installed. In addition, the termites, wood borers   or exposure to moisture may cause major damages. Normally, it is not a hard a job to replace the damaged fascia boards. However, it will depend upon the construction of the home. The most effective method   to take away all bad wood fascia boards is to cut them to shorter pieces. The smaller pieces can be removed by prying them loose from sheeting on roof. Alternatively, a reciprocating saw can be used to cut away the nails that fix the fascia board onto the rafters and the roof sheeting.

Step 1 - Inspecting and Planning

Inspect to find the condition of all fascia boards and decide which of the boards needs to be replaced. You can easily identify the damaged boards, which are cracked split or rotten. You can replace all of the bad boards or just replace only the rotten ones. However, it is better to replace all of them at a time.

Step 2 - Measuring the Board Width

Measure the width of the board used for fascia boards and buy the board of exactly of the same width for replacement. It is also possible to use the outdoor ply for fascia boards.

Step 3 - Priming and Painting

Apply a coat of primer on the boards and then paint the boards before cutting the pieces.

Step 4 - Removing the Bad Boards

Reach the boards by climbing a ladder. The ladder should be firmly placed against the roof at the particular positions.  Pull the bad boards from rafters with the help of claw hammer and pry them away from the rafters. Measure the length of each board and cut the length from the painted board sheet. The cut piece should be installed in the same place where you have taken the measurement.

Step 5 - Installing the Fascia Boards

Position the new piece of fascia board against the raft. Place it firmly against the adjoining boards. Fix the bottom of the board with nails to the raft. Install the other fascia boards to the rafters in the same manner. If you find the ends of rafters are damaged and cannot hold the boards, cut new sections of 2 by 4 and nail them onto the damaged rafters.

Step 6 - Finishing

Use the chalk gun to paste a bead of silicone sealant to the edges of the fascia board and at the joints of the boards. Paint the exposed edges of the boards. You should use the safety eyewear while working so that no chips or dirt will fall into the eyes.