How to Replace Dump Valves on RV Holding Tanks

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Dump valve

If you are having trouble with the dump valve of your RV holding tanks, then the best solution to the problem is to replace them with something new. The dump valve is vital to getting all of your waste from the holding tank into the waste tank at RV stations, and they are essential for a happy traveling experience. Replacing them on your RV holding tanks is not very difficult, and you should be able to manage it easily.

Step 1 - Take out the Old Dump Valve

Start by emptying out your RV holding tanks into a suitable location. If you have trouble using the dump valve, then pump out the waste using a septic tank device. Wash out the tanks using some clean water. You should then turn off the water to your RV holding tanks, and open up the top. Search for the location of the dump valve. Remove the bolts around it using your wrench, and then take off the seals.

Step 2 - Insert the New Dump Valve

Take your new dump valve, and fit the new seals over the flange. Push the valve onto the seals, and then slide the bolts through the holes. Add the nuts onto the other end, and screw the bolts down tightly using your screwdriver.