How to Replace Fabric Vertical Blind Vanes

What You'll Need
replacement vanes
ladder or chair

A dog can easily convert one or more of your vertical blind vanes into an abstract piece of art. The broken vane leaves your vertical blinds with an unappealing gap that allows in outside light when the blinds are closed. Instead of installing a brand new vertical blind, it is possible to replace individual vanes when they are broken or missing. You can also replace all of the vanes if you want to have a new look for your existing vertical blinds. Follow these steps to replace the vanes.

Step 1: Buy Replacements

The store you initially purchased your vertical blinds will probably also sell kits of replacement vanes. These kits will contain from five to 15 vanes. You will need to buy enough kits to cover the number of vanes to be replaced.

Step 2: Cut to Length

The replacement vanes may be longer than your existing vanes. Most stores will custom cut your vanes to be the correct length.

Step 3: Remove Old Vanes

First open the vertical blinds. The vanes can be easily removed by pushing up on the vane until it is off the hook. If you are unable to remove the vane, you can use a flat head screwdriver to apply pressure to the hook as you push up.

Step 4: Install New Vanes

The new vane can be installed by pushing up in the clip until they catch on the hook. Once all the vanes are replaced, your vertical blinds will look brand new.