How to Replace Faulty Wiring in a Heated Car Seat

car seat
  • 2-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Socket set
Ratchet (1/2 inch drive)
Upholstery remover tool
Upholstery adhesive
Replacement wiring connectors

Heated car seat problems usually occur in your seat heater element, instead of in your seat heater switch. The heating wire, which heats your car seats, is typically small and frail, making it vulnerable to breakage over a period of time. You can either replace your heater element wire, or you may fix the broken spots back together by soldering, then by covering it with the electrical tape and the heat shrink wrap. The sections below describe how to replace faulty wiring in a heated car seat.

Step 1 – Test the Heating Element Wiring

Now test your heating element wiring. You need to find out both the elements and wire the darts from your switch to them. You can locate a heating element beneath the bottom of your seat and one more in your seat's back. If both the heating elements fail to become warm, then you have a serious wiring issue. Take out the cosmetic trim from the base of your seat with the screwdriver. Trace the wiring that goes direct into the base of your bottom-heating element. You may remove your seat by using the socket set and the ratchet.

Step 2 – Check the Lead Wire

Now check the voltage at the place next to the element on your lead wire with the multimeter. Turn the multimeter to 20 volts, now look into the red wire and keep the black probe on the multimeter grounded. Check the voltage by pressing the heated switch to "On". If you obtain the reading between 4v to 12v, then the wiring is well enough to this point. Check a few more test points. If all the readings are over 4v, then the element is getting adequate power and for that reason is faulty. If any of the wiring shows zero voltage then you have to restore the wiring. Buy the wiring from the parts store that has the same gauge size as yours.

Step 3 - Check the Continuity

Remove your bottom-heating element to check for continuity. Continuity is simply the continuous flow of electricity. Unfasten the element, and detach all the wiring. Turn the multimeter to continuity setting and then clutch one probe to every end of your element. If you hear a beeping noise, or witness a working symbol, then your element is not damaged. If you find no continuity on your element, then it is definitely faulty.

Step 4 - Test your Second Element for the Continuity

The second element is situated in between your upholstery of your seat and it does necessitate removing your back upholstery with the upholstery removal tool. After accessing your back element, test it for continuity. If you find both the elements faulty, you need to find 2 replacement elements.

Step 5 – Final Step

Dismantle your heating element bolts. Then you need to do appropriate wiring on the faulty elements by carefully focusing on the wiring order and the bolt placement. Bolt in your new elements and connect your 2 wires back, on the each end of the each element. Spray adhesive glue on your loose upholstery for reattachment.