How to Replace Felt Weatherstripping around Doors

What You'll Need
Felt weatherstripping
Tape measure
Utility knife

Properly weatherstripping doors can make a big difference on how much air gets through the crack. It can cut down on utility bills and protect you from the elements better. You will know when it is time to replace weatherstripping as you will be able to feel a draft or see a gap. Here are the basics of how to replace felt weatherstripping on doors. 

Step 1- Measure Around the Door

Take your tape measure and measure the distance around the perimeter of the door. Add a little extra to that figure to allow for error. This should tell you how much weatherstripping you need. 

Step 2- Remove the Old Weatherstripping

Grab the weatherstripping and pull it out of the door frame. You may have to scrape it out with a utility knife in spots. You may also have to remove nails with the hammer to get it out. 

Step 3- Cut to Fit

Once you get the weatherstripping, you need to cut it to fit. Take your tape measure and measure exactly to where you need to cut. Cut it with your utility knife. 

Step 3- Adhere it to the Door Frame

Put the weatherstripping in place and then nail it into the door frame.