How to Replace Felt Weatherstripping for Windows

Properly weatherstripping windows can make a big difference in your utility bill. The weatherstripping around the windows can effectively eliminate any extra airflow and keep your heater or air conditioner from running constantly. Here are the basics of replacing felt weatherstripping in your windows.

Step 1 - Remove Old Weatherstripping

Remove your old weatherstripping around the outside of the windows. It is typically held on with nails, so you will likely need a hammer to pry them out. Pull it off and remove it from the window.

Step 2 - Measure the Area

After the area is clear, you need to measure the size of weatherstripping that you need. You could measure the piece that you just took out or the actual window frame.

Step 3 - Install the Weatherstripping

Once you have determined how much you need, cut it to that length with a utility knife or scissors. Place the weatherstripping into the window frame and hammer some nails through it. The nails should properly adhere it to the surface of the window frame. Check the window to make sure that it can open and close without disturbing the position of the weatherstripping.