How to Remove Bathroom Coutertops

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What You'll Need
New granite countertop
Putty knife

Granite countertops add charm and class to any bathroom. They are also very easy to maintain and resistant to staining. If you already have granite countertops, but want to renovate your bathroom, the following steps will guide you through removing your granite bathroom countertops. This process will take a few hours, so plan ahead and make sure you have someone to help as needed.

Step 1 - Shut Off Water

Turn off the water valve under your sink. The main valve will be outside the home or in the basement if you want to cut-off water to the entire house.

Step 2 - Disconnect Plumbing

Use a plumber's wrench to detach the pipes under the sink. Place a towel under the sink in case any water left in the pipes leaks out.

Step 3 - Remove the Faucet

Use a pair of pliers to disconnect the water lines where they attach to the faucet. At the bottom of the faucet, there are 2 posts where the water lines were connected. Above the water line connection is a nut, which you need to remove with a wrench. Wiggle the faucet gently to break the seal from the surface of the sink and lift the faucet straight up. Carefully place it aside.

Step 4 - Remove the Sink

Once all of the plumbing is disconnected, you will have an open work area underneath the sink. Insert rope through the sink drain and and tie the it around the sink. It will hold the weight of the sink as you loosen and remove the sink clips.

Work a putty knife or utility knife around the rim of the sink to loosen the seal. There may also be clips under the sink which fasten it to the granite top. Locate and remove each of them with a screwdriver. Start with the edges of the sink, then move to the rear and front.

Your helper will need to adjust their hold as you unscrew the sink from the countertop. Once the sink is loose, angle and maneuver it through the hole in the countertop. Place it carefully aside.

Step 5 - Remove the Countertop

Once the sink is out of the way, you will need to remove the sealant around the granite with acetone or a similar agent. Apply the acetone a small area at a time, keeping it wet for several minutes. Then wipe the surface with paper towels to remove the sealer.

It will be a tedious process, but it is important to be accurate. When you are ready to lift the countertop, make sure you have help because granite bathroom countertops are extremely heavy.

You now have a clean working area to get ready to install your new bathroom granite countertops.