How to Replace or Modify Stereo Input on a Home Theater Receiver

A home theater receiver is the heart of a home audio system that has variety of tasks including surround sound decoding, signal processing, switching for all audio and video components, amplifier, and a tuner for AM/FM radio stations. If you have only one pair of stereo speakers in your current set up, modifying a stereo input on a home theater requires an extra pair of speakers and a subwoofer. It would be useful since you would be able to enjoy a deep bass. Furthermore, a receiver, a DVD for movies and a television is also needed. Below are the steps involved in replacing or modifying a stereo input on a home theater receiver.

Step 1 – Disconnect the Wires

Disconnect the wires of the existing pair of speakers and then connect them on the front channel speaker connections of the home theater receiver. Red wires and black wires are connected to red and black posts respectively.

Step 2 – Connect Audio devices on the Home Theater Receiver

Audio devices of the current stereo should be connected on the home theater receiver. Red cable will be connected to right-hand jack and white cable will be connected into the left-hand jack.

Step 3 – Plug DVD Player on Appropriate Jacks

Plug your DVD player on the receiver utilizing the appropriate audio/video jacks (red, white and yellow for the video signal). Other disc players have different plug connection and if your disc player is one of them, you should use the appropriate jack on your receiver.

Step 4 – Connect RCA Cable

At the back of your home theater receiver, connect an RCA cable into the “Video Out” jack and at the other end, connect the “Video In” jack.

Step 5 – Position the Speakers

Two speakers are placed at a 45-degree angle slightly above the main seating area. These speakers can also be placed on speaker stands or bookshelves.

Step 6 – Connect Speaker Wire to Connection Posts

Half inch of insulation is stripped from the speaker wire. It is then connected at each rear-channel speaker using the black and red connection posts. By lifting the spring clip, the wires are inserted effortlessly to expose a hole underneath. The wires will then be inserted in the holes. At the back of your home theater, run the wires for the rear speakers and connect it to the rear channel jacks.

Step 7 – Position the Subwoofer

Position the subwoofer in a convenient place. The specific placement of the subwoofer is not important because it can deliver bass sound to a large area. On the back of the subwoofer, attach RCA cable to the "Input" jack and the other end to the subwoofer jack on the back of your receiver.

Step 8 – Connect Component on a Power Strip and Wall Outlet

Connect all components at a surge protector power strip. After that, plug the strip in a wall outlet. Now you know how to replace or modify your stereo input on a home theater receiver.