How to Replace Polycarbonate Panels in Your Greenhouse

What You'll Need
Rigid polycarbonate panels
Sealer tape
Friend to help

Polycarbonate panels are essential for the proper function of your greenhouse. However, over time the panels can crack, break, and yellow. When the panels yellow they make the greenhouse look old and dilapidated. In order to keep your greenhouse roof looking new and working properly, you should replace your polycarbonate panels. For the do-it-yourselfer, it is best to use rigid polycarbonate panels. They are easier to install and require no special equipment. Because you are going to be working on the roof, you should have a friend present to help you.

Step 1 — Get to the Roof

In order to install the new panels, you will have to climb the ladder to gain access to the glazing bar covers. You will definitely need a ladder; however, you may actually need an extension ladder. The type of ladder you use will be determined by the height of your greenhouse roof. You want to make sure that, because you are working on the roof, you wear rubber-soled shoes. Wearing a safety harness system is also advised. It is best to have a friend on the ground to help you during the entire process.

Step 2 — Remove the End Caps

Once you have gained access to the roof, you want to use your screwdriver to remove the end caps from the glazing bar covers. This should be fairly straight forward. However, if the end caps have never been removed or haven’t been removed in a long while, you may want to use a drill driver. You will have to assess the type of screw securing the end cap so that you can select the proper bit. Your drill driver will also have to have the capability to work in reverse.

Step 3 — Remove Existing Panels

Before you can install new polycarbonate panels, you will have to remove the existing panels. First, you should remove the sealer tape that is covering the panels. This tape should remove easily. Next, you will remove each panel individually. Take care not to break the panels inside the channels. If you do, you will have to remove the broken piece before you can add the new panel.

Step 4 — Install New Panels

It is at this step that you will really see the benefit of using rigid polycarbonate panels. All you have to do is unfold the panel and slide it into the channel on the roof of your greenhouse. You will need to do this for each channel.

Step 5 — Replace the End Caps

Once all of the channels have had the polycarbonate panels replaced, you will need to fit the end cap back on the panel. First, you will need to cut any portions of the polycarbonate panels that are overhanging. Next you will add a length of sealer tape. The sealer tape should cover the panels and adhere to the top and bottom of the roof. You will then replace the end cap and screw it into place.

That’s it. You should be able to replace the polycarbonate panels on your entire greenhouse in 3 to 4 hours.