How to Replace Pool Deck Paver Lights

Paver lights make pool decks magically romantic at night. These lights not only add aesthetic beauty to your pool deck, but also incorporate safety. Paver lights give illumination to your every step in your pool deck at night. You would not want to slip or trip on a wet pool deck because you cannot see your path well in the dark. Having lights on your deck is important, and if a paver light goes out, it should not be a problem to replace it. With a few easy to find tools, you can replace paver lights on your pool deck on your own.

Material Needed:

  • Screw driver
  • Low wattage lamp (most common available replacement lamps are 4 and 7 watts)
  • Paver lamp socket
  • Paver lamp base
  • Paver lamp replacement top cover (some paver light kits include almost all replacement parts)

Step 1 - Ensure Safety

Turn off paver light switch and unplug the transformer, before laying a hand on the defective paver light. Electricity travels fast on wet surfaces around pool decks. Once this is done, you may begin investigating why the light went out. Start from the exterior. See if there are any cracks on the top cover. Cracked top covers cause water and dirt to get in the assembly, and cause electrical faults. Replace the top cover. Water seepage causes rust, and corrodes the internal components. If corrosion is present, it would be best to replace the entire paver light kit.

Step 2 – Check the Lights

If there are no visible cracks, pop out the paver light together with its base. Watch the power cables attached. Unscrew the top cover, and see if the lamp inside is loose in its socket. Reseat the lamp if found to only have a loose connection problem. It would also be good to try another lamp if one is available. If another known good lamp still fits loosely in the socket, then the socket may need replacement. Sockets could come as part of the base or separately.

Step 3 – Turn the Power On

After doing all that was mentioned in Step 2, electricity now needs to be turned back on, to check if we made progress on fixing the paver lights. If there is still no light produced from the lamp, but there is light when a known good lamp is used, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4 – Replace

Check the filament inside the lamp and replace lamp if filament is already dark. A dark filament inside the lamp is a sign of a burn out. Lamps last for a long period of time, but it is natural for them to reach their end of usable life. Use the known good lamp or get an extra as a replacement.

Step 5 – Finalizing

When the lighting problem is fixed, secure the cover properly back in its place. Lodge the paver light back on the pool deck. Hide the power cables back as there were before.