How to Replace Spring Brakes

What You'll Need
Caging wrench
Wheel blocks
New Spring Brakes
Car lift

Spring brakes require maintenance to insure your brakes continue to work effectively. Spring brakes are used on cars that use air brakes. Generally these types of brakes are used for parking brakes. These are not brakes that are used in the general utility and service of the car. These types of brakes use air pressure. Did you know that the service brakes and parking brakes are joined together by different links? This means that you must always make sure that the parking brakes are effectively maintained and always in working order. Changing the brakes is simple, but requires that you pay attention to detail.

Step 1 - Put it up on a Lift

Lift the car so that you can access the area underneath it. This will make it easier for you to change the spring brakes. If you do not intend to use a car lift, you will need to put the car up on car ramps. Be sure the wheels are blocked by a piece of wood that will prevent your car from moving while you change the spring brakes.

Step 2 - Depressurize the Spring

This is one of the most important steps when changing your spring brakes. You will need to locate and access your caging belt. Once you access the caging bolt, turn the bolt to compress the string. The spring at this point in the process is pressurized. Therefore, during the dismantling and removal of the old spring brakes, you will need to remove the excess pressure the spring is currently under.

In order to locate the caging bolt, first consult the user manual for your automobile. Second, you will notice the bolt holds both the service brakes and the spring brakes together. Some braking systems also have a lock plate that must be removed first, in order to access the bolt. Check the diagrams for your car.

Step 3 - Cage the Bolt

Refer to the user manual and diagrams for your car's systems. You must cage the bolt. Alternatively, inspect the body of the parking brake. There are sometimes instructions on the body regarding how to cage the bolt for your car's spring braking system. This action will help to release the pressure on your spring.

Step 4 - Disassemble the Brake Chamber

If you have not been trained to disassemble the brake chamber, call a local licensed and qualified technician to prevent getting hurt. Otherwise, you may continue and remove the brake chamber.

Step 5 - Replace the Spring Brake

Once you have removed the brake chamber, you will see another set of instructions alongside the brake chamber. These instructions will walk you through how to properly replace the spring brake. Follow these instructions to properly assemble the spring braking system.