How to Replace Storm Window Glass

What You'll Need
Screwdriver with a shank
A soft material like a carpet to place the glass
A new glass of the required size
Thick gloves

Once a window is broken, it must be replaced promptly, and the same goes for storm window glass as well. Broken windows and shards of glass are dangerous for children or pets in the house. Replace any broken windows as soon as they break, particularly storm windows if a storm is on its way.

Step 1:  Removing the Broken Storm Window Glass

You have to remove the broken storm window glass, and place it on a non-marking surface. Sheet metal screws are often used on all the edges of a storm window glass. Shanks are needed to firmly place the screwdriver on the targeted marks to avoid hand injuries.

Step2: Installing the New Glass

There are other types of storm window frames where small metal clips are attached. But once lost, they are really hard to buy. The old glass from the storm window is removed carefully and the new glass installed firmly in place. Standard-sized panes are available at hardware or home-improvement stores as well as professional glass installation and repair companies. Older homes or buildings may require custom-cut glass. The new glass should be handled very carefully and it should be trimmed according to the window frame in order to avoid wastage.

Safety measures like wearing gloves are essential if you are performing this task by yourself.