How to Replace the Brackets on a Copper Downspout

What You'll Need
Brackets to fit your downspout
Screws or nails
Drill or hammer

Downspout brackets are used to secure the downspout to the side of the house. The downspout is the part of the gutter that carries water from the roof to the drainage pipe or splash block. You will need to attach brackets at the top and bottom of where the downspout comes against the house. Downspout brackets come in several different shapes and styles, so it is important to find the right bracket for your particular downspout. Most copper downspouts are either rectangular or round, but there is a variety of options for bracket styles, including U style, flush mount, faced and stand off brackets.

U Style Brackets

U style brackets secure the downspout to the side of the house by screwing directly into the wall and sides of the downspout. These brackets lay flat against the wall, behind the downspout, and separate the downspout from the house by the thickness of the bracket itself. Brackets are available in a variety of thicknesses designed to fit at certain distances from the wall.

First, you will need to remove the existing brackets. To do this, simply unscrew any screws or pry any nails out of the downspout itself. Then pull the downspout aside and remove the brackets from the wall. Now you just have to install the new brackets in their place, using the existing holes or sealing in the holes to prevent leaking.

Flush Mount Brackets

Flush mount brackets attach at the front of the downspout and secure to the house on either side. These are the easiest kind of brackets to replace since they do not screw directly into the downspout or fit behind it.

Simply remove the existing brackets and fit the new ones in place. Attach with screws or nails. It is important to find flush mount brackets that fit the exact dimensions of your downspout since they will need to go all the way around it to reach the wall.

Faced Brackets

Faced brackets wrap all the way around the downspout. They secure to the wall much like U style brackets, but they also fit around the front of the downspout and are screwed together on either side.

To remove faced brackets, you must first unscrew the front piece on both sides. Push the downspout to one side and unscrew the back piece from the wall. Install new brackets in the opposite order, first securing the back fixture to the desired position on the wall and then screwing the front piece to the back.

Stand Off Brackets

If you need your downspout to fit a certain distance off the wall, stand off brackets are your best option, as they allow you to gauge the space between the wall and the downspout. These brackets generally fit all the way around the downspout and attach to themselves with a screw at the back.

To uninstall, you will need to first remove this screw and then remove the bracket from the house by unscrewing it or prying out the nails.  Once the screw that attaches the two sides together is removed, the bracket should simply pull apart. Install the new bracket in the opposite order.