How To Replace The Seal On A Threshold

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What You'll Need
An assistant strong enough to support the door
Screw drivers
Paint or sealant

Replacing a threshold seal is something that requires two people unless the seal is fitted to either face of the door. It is most unusual to find seals like this but replacing them is a simple matter of detaching them from the door and fitting the replacement.

Step 1 - Remove the Door

If the door has rising butt hinges it is often possible to lift the door off the hinges. If the door hinges have removable pins, remove the pins and lift the door out of the frame taking care not to damage the hinges.

If the door hinges are sealed units, they have to be removed from the door frame or from the door. The door needs to be opened and then packing needs to be placed under it so that it doesn’t fall and break the hinges as screws are removed. In most cases it is easier to remove the screws from the door frame.

Remove all but one of the screws of each hinge and then ensure that the door is properly supported and held while you remove the final screws.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Seal

When you remove the old seal it might be possible to work out what has caused it to need replacement. Excessive wear in one position, for example, could indicate a problem with the way the door swings or the way the door is used.

Step 3 - Check the Bottom of the Door

While you have the door off its hinges it is a good opportunity to ensure that the bottom is not being damaged in any way. If there is damage, it should be repaired. Most doors are not painted on the bottom edge which leaves them open to attack by water so it would also be a good opportunity to paint the bottom edge.

Step 4 - Fit the New Seal

By comparing the new seal with the old seal it is usually possible to confirm that the replacement seal is the right size and type. If possible, do not use the same screw holes to fit the new seal.

Step 5 - Replace the Door

Once the new seal is fitted and any fresh paint is dry, the door can be replaced. The process is the reverse of how it was removed and care should be taken not to damage the hinges especially in the case of the hinges with removable pins. It is often tempting to fit one pin and use that to hold the door while the other hinges are mated up and their pins inserted. This can do serious damage to the first hinge if care is not taken to support the door properly. When replacing the screws for the sealed springs, it is often a good idea to insert a matchstick or sliver of wood into the screw holes to ensure that the screws do not work loose.

Step 6 - Ensure the Seal Is Working

By swinging the door you will have a good impression of whether the repair has solved the problem that called for the seal replacement.

Replacing a threshold seal is not a difficult task but it is one that requires two people.