How to Replace Underwater Pool Lights

What You'll Need
Replacement underwater pool lights
Grounding strap
Water vacuum

Having a pool on your property is an asset that comes with many repair responsibilities from damaged pumps to nonworking underwater pool lights. Underwater pool lights can last for years but will, at some point, need to be replaced. Underwater pool lights are considered to be a safety feature as much as a decorative one. They allow people to see the pool in the dark, permit night swimming and create an ambiance. The following information will show you how to save yourself a lot of money by replacing underwater pool lights yourself.

Step 1 - Safety First

You will be working around electricity which means that you need to uphold the same safety standards as any other electrical job. Changing a light bulb on any other light is simple and not even remotely complex. Underwater pool lights have one thing that these lights do not: water. Even though the light itself can be underwater the wires that feed it are not typically underwater. Needless to say you should not work around electricity and water. Locate the circuit breaker that feeds the pool and switch off the power that feeds it.

Step 2 - Access the Underwater Pool Lights

In order to gain access to the actual lights you need to drain water from the pool. You can drain just enough to expose the lights but it is recommended that you drain the entire pool. Even the slightest trace of water can cause a problem. If you step in a puddle and the current happens to be turned back on you can be electrocuted. Use a water vacuum to remove water that may be present where you are working on the underwater pool lights. Carefully, enter the pool and locate the lights that are defective. In front of the lights will be a cover which can be removed with a simple screwdriver. This plate protects the bulb. When you remove the cover the whole light fixture may come along with it. Set the light fixture off to the side. If the fixture does not come out with the plate, you can simply pull it out.

Step 3 - Remove the Underwater Pool Lights

Behind the light fixture, embedded in the frame of the pool, will be a glass lens. This lens covers the bulb you need to remove. Reach inside and grip the lens from both sides and pull straight out of the frame to uncover the bulb. The bulb is inserted in another fixture. All you have to do is unscrew the bulb as you would for any other light bulb socket. Place the bulb off to the side. Repeat this process for removing all of the damaged light bulbs in the pool.

Step 4 - Replace and Test

Replacement underwater pool lights are easily installed by screwing them into the fixture like any other light. Replace the lens, the frame and the cover. Turn the power back on and make sure the light works prior to refilling the pool.