How to Replace Vertical Blinds

What You'll Need

Replacing vertical blinds can be expensive, but it does not have to be. Normally, the larger the window or door, the larger the blinds and the more expensive the price. A cost effective way to replace the vertical blinds is to simply replace the slats and keep the window bars, bobble chains and weights. However, many times buying and replacing the entire blind is a quick and easy solution. Follow the simple steps below to effectively replace your vertical blinds.

Step 1 – Remove Blinds

To replace any part of the vertical blinds, first move the actual slats to the open position.  Each blind will be attached at the top on a hook. Lift each blind off the hook. If there are spacer chains at the bottom then it will be necessary to remove the screws or tie downs in order to remove the chains. Normally, fabric vanes will have the spacer chains connected to weights at the bottom. Simply slide the weight out of the pocket to remove the chains.

Step 2 – Replace the Blind

Once the old blind or slat has been removed, slide your new slat back onto the hook or track. It is possible to make your own slats out of fabric or to purchase replacement flats. You may need a screwdriver to apply some pressure to the clips so the slat can be slid back into place.

Step 3 – Clips

The clips may be broken and need to be replaced. It will be necessary to remove the slat that is hanging off of the damaged clip. Pry this out of place and insert a new, fully functional clip. Sometimes clips are made of brittle plastic, so take care when replacing it. Too much pressure or prying can damage the clip.

Step 4 – Head Rail

Replacing a damaged head rail is the easiest part of fixing a head rail. Check to determine if the blinds are still under warranty as it may be possible to get a replacement for free. Most times, taking the time to repair a broken head rail is not worth the time or trouble. Replacing it with a new one is the best choice.

Step 5 – Chain/Rope

It is quite common for the chain or rope that controls the blinds to break.  To replace this chain, it will be necessary to remove all of the slats. Pay attention as you slide the old chain out as the new one will go directly into the old ones place.  Once the new chain is in place, reattach the slats.


When installing the new blinds it is important that everything is level. Use a guide to ensure that the entire piece is level before completely screwing the rail into the wall. It is also important that all measurements are as accurate as possible as even a slight mistake will cause problems or the new pieces will not fit properly.

What to Avoid

Keep the measurements straight, as many people will reverse the width and the height measurements. Make sure you measure the windows in 3 different places: at the top, middle and bottom. Also ensure that the blind controls are in a convenient spot. Many people will place them in spots that are difficult to access.