How to Replace Vinyl Fascia Boards

What You'll Need
Tape measure
3/8-inch plywood
1-by-5/8-inch fascia
Nail puller
Framing square

Vinyl fascia board not only makes the exterior of the house beautiful but also protects the outside from extensive water damage. Due to continuous exposure to the rain and sun the vinyl fascia board needs replacement after certain time. Also if they are not maintained properly and the installation is not correct then the boards need to be replaced at a much frequent interval. Replacing them is moderately challenging and you must have the patience and eagerness to do it properly.

Step 1: Remove the Old Fascia Board

At first remove as many nails as possible and after removing the nails be careful about disposing the old nails. Also do not keep any nails attached to the fascia board after removing the fascia board as this can cause injury to someone. For removing the fascia board use the flat bar.

Step 2: Measurement

After removing the old board, measure the roof where you are going to place the new vinyl fascia boards. Make sure the measurement is correct otherwise the roof will look bad from the outside. If possible try to cover one side of the roof by a single vinyl fascia board. This ensures that there will be no leak and it also makes the installation process a bit easier. If the roof has different pitch always use segmented vinyl fascia board for a better fit.

Step 3: Cut the New Boards

Cut the new vinyl fascia board according to the measurement you have taken. You can use a saw for cutting the board but many vinyl fascia boards get damaged if you cut it with a saw, in that case special cutting tools are required. Ask the shopkeeper about what blade or tool to use for cutting the particular fascia board. In case you are joining two boards in an inclined way for different height cut the end of the fascia board at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 4: Installing the Boards

The boards can be installed in the best way if you have someone to help you. Before installing the boards check both the side of the vinyl fascia board and keep the plane side at the front.  Mark the rough side with a pencil so that you can identify it easily during the installation process. For fitting the boards set up two ladders and get someone to help you. One person must hold the vinyl fascia board in place and the other person must screw it to the frame. Make sure the boards are aligned correctly to avoid any water leakage. If you are installing long segments, support the board on the centre and start screwing it from the side. At first put one screw on both side of the board and on the top and bottom of the board. This secures the board in place and now you can place screws at an interval of about 2 feet to secure the board completely.