How to Replace Vinyl Flooring in Your RV

  • Intermediate
What You'll Need
new vinyl sheets
straight knife cutter
water and soap
knee pads
Sand Paper

If you are a traveler and you use your RV often, it will start to show some wear and tear. Since your feet run back and forth inside the RV all the time, you are bound to start wearing down the laminate floor in the kitchen or dining areas of the RV. After time, it starts to look dull and pulls away from the underneath portion of the floor. You can replace the laminate in a cinch. It just takes a little bit of patience and time.

Step 1 - Wash the Floor

Before you remove the laminate flooring in your RV, make sure you wash it well with soap and water. This will make sure the surface is clean.

Step 2 -Remove all Portable Appliances

If there are any portable appliances or items on the flooring, remove them and place them in another part of your RV, or temporarily place them outside the RV.

Step 3 - Remove Existing Vinyl

Using floor cutters or a sharp exacto-knife, remove the vinyl flooring. The vinyl flooring should pull right up, after you free one of the sections of the floors. Sometimes the extra amount of glue makes it difficult to remove the existing vinyl floor and you will need to use a solution that helps remove the adhesive.

Step 4 - Remove the Adhesive

After you have pulled out the vinyl, there usually will be remaining glue on the surface of your flooring. You cannot add a new layer of vinyl to the floor without taking as much adhesive off as possible, otherwise it will produce a bumpy and uneven surface. Use an adhesive remover, and then take sand paper or a sander and smooth the surface of your floor.

Step 5 - Clean the Surface

Using a mop and a bucket filled with soap and water, clean the surface of the floor and remove any additional glue remnants left. Remove all dirt and grime. Allow the floor to dry completely.

Step 6 - Add Adhesive

Add a new layer of adhesive to the floor surface. Using a large scraper, scrape the layer so that it is even along the entire surface of the floor.

Step 7 - Apply New Laminate Flooring

Roll out your new laminate sheets and apply to the floor. Using a new scraper (rubber preferably), smooth the new laminate floor in place. Cut sections of the floor as needed. Cut it around the corners and any cabinets. Smooth the edges. If desired, add a piece of corner round along the edges of the flooring.

Step 8 - Clean

Clean up your new laminate flooring 48 hours after you have applied it to the floor. Using a mild soapy water, wash the new laminate floor. Put back any appliances you removed from the floor.