How to Replace Vinyl Shutters

What You'll Need
Cordless electric drill
Extension ladder
Screwdriver bits
New vinyl shutters
Measuring tape
Dry or wet rag

An accent that can truly enhance the overall look of a home is the installation of vinyl shutters.  This window accessory is inexpensive and putting it up adds lift to the ambiance of a home. The negative feature of the vinyl shutters is its sensitivity when exposed to the sun. It could lose its color over long exposure to the sun. Another effect of the sun is causing the vinyl to become easily brittle and, over time, may cause breakage on it. Unlike other window accents, the vinyl shutters may need to be changed over some few years. However, its replacement is not a big hassle and is known to be one easy-to-do home improvement that can be applied to a house renovation.

Step 1-Detaching the Shutter for Replacement

Step up onto a sturdy ladder to go up the window area where the shutter will be replaced. Using a cordless screwdriver, take out the screws that attaches the shutters in place. Set aside for future use the screws that were removed from the attached shutter.

Step 2-Removal of the Shutter

When the shutter is unscrewed, take it out from the wall. The shutter may at times get stuck to the wall because of its prolonged attachment to it that a little force may be needed to tug it out. Set aside the shutter once removed. The area where the shutter was removed should be cleaned of any dirt or debris left on it.

Step 3-Making Hole Markings on the New Shutter

With the old shutter, the distance from the drilled screw hole should be measured to the end of the shutter. The same measurement must be done on the new shutter to replace the old one. Use a pencil to make the markings on the new shutter. Continue this procedure to cover as much the number of holes on the old shutter to the new one.

Step 4- Making the Holes on the Replacement Shutter

With the use of a cordless drill, make holes on each of the markings placed on the new shutter. The holes to be drilled must go all the way through the shutters. Small bits could be used so that the screws will have a sturdy support to cling onto.

Step 5- Installing the Replacement Shutter

The replacement shutter can now be attached to the wall. The holes drilled on the replacement shutter must be aligned to the holes already on the wall. Using the old screws that were originally taken out, screw them back in place. The corner edge is to be done first.  Move diagonally to the other side by the rear end. Doing this will hold the shutter in place during the replacement. Secure tightly the screws in its location but not too much as to cause damage on the shutter. Perform the same procedure on all the shutters that needs replacement.