How to Replace Window Awning Canvas

What You'll Need
Awning canvas

Window awning canvas makes a great shading material for any window. While awning canvas is a sturdy material to choose as an awning cover, it can be damaged by the elements over time. When an awning is damaged it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to the frame.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Awning Canvas

Before you start removing anything, take note of how the rope connects the awning canvas with the frame; if possible take a picture of the configuration. Check the canvas awning for a size tag, if the size tag is missing measure the awning width, depth and height. Remove the ropes. Cut the canvas from the frame only. Slide the awning canvas off the mounting channel. You can cut the rope, as you should use new rope to install the new canvas.

Step 2 - Attach the Awning Canvas

Gently coax the awning fabric through the mounting channel at the top of the frame. Lay the awning canvas out over the rest of the frame. Smooth out the canvas without stretching it too tightly. Use the picture you took of the rope configuration and follow it as a guide to tie down the awning.