How to Replace Window Awning Fabric

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
New Awning Fabric
New Rope (optional)

Replacing the window awning fabric on your windows can be a very simple process. You will need to replace them when you notice that the fabric is looking old and faded. The fabric may also have been torn, defeating the purpose of sheltering the window from the natural elements of wind and rain. Torn window awning fabrics can also increase the summer cooling costs as it would allow the sunlight to come into the room.

Step 1: Determine Fabric

You will need to check the material of the awing to determine whether it is canvas or vinyl. You will also need to note the length and width of the fabric that will be required. You will need to add a couple of inches for the overhang.

Step 2: Remove Old Fabric

After noting the dimensions of the required window awning fabric, you will need to remove the old fabric from the frame. One option would be to cut it out of the frame and remove the pieces of fabric that remain. Another option would be to let it loose from the channel into which it is fitted. If there are any tied ropes, they will need to be loosened. Keep a note of how the ropes were tied as you will likely need to repeat the process when installing the new fabric.

Step 3: New Fabric

If there are any instructions that come with the new awning, please follow them. Place the new fabric onto the mounting channel. Pull the fabric tight across the frame. Tie it in the previous fashion. If required, replace the ropes with new ones if they are looking frayed or weakened.