How to Replace Worn Carpet Padding

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Carpet padding is something that most homeowners never think about. It sits under the carpet for years, and the only time you really think about it is when it is under-performing or when you are replacing your carpet. If your carpet pad is worn out, but the carpet is in good shape, you could actually replace just the padding. Here are the basics of how to replace worn carpet padding.

Purchase New Padding

When you know that you are going to have to replace your pad, you need to go out and purchase a new pad. When you do this, make sure that you do not skimp and buy the cheapest pad available. As you now know, buying a good pad is important and can make a big difference in how long your carpet lasts. Therefore, you should buy a better pad to replace the first. Hopefully, you will then be able to avoid any future problems with it.

Pull Up the Carpet

Once you have the carpet padding that you need, you will first have to pull up the existing carpet. Pull it up with care and make sure not to damage it in the process. You should be able to grab the edge of it and pull it up off of the tack strips. You may have to pull up a baseboard to get to the edge, depending on how well it was installed. Just leave it all in one piece and leave the seams together if possible.

Remove the Old Pad

Once you have the carpet up, it is time to remove the old pad. You can grab most of it and pull it out by hand. If you have rebonded padding, it will likely be crumbling into several pieces. If much of it is in little pieces, you may have to sweep it up with a broom and dustpan. You will likely have to use a scraper to scrape up the pad that was attached with adhesive. Make sure that the floor is clean and does not have any pieces of pad left behind. Sweep the floor and remove any excess dust.

Apply the Adhesive

When you have the floor clean and free from debris, it is time to apply the adhesive. There is no exact science to applying the pad glue. Just open the lid of the container and pour some out on the floor. Apply it throughout the area and make sure that every part of the room is covered.

Install the Pad

Unroll the pad and lay it down on the floor. You will need to use your utility knife to cut the pad to fit. Make sure that it is pressed down firmly into the adhesive. Tape the pad together with the padded tape.

Reinstall the Carpet

Lay the carpet back into place. Then use the power stretcher and knee kicker to put it back on the tack strips properly.