How to Replace Wrought Iron Fence Panels

What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Hack saw
Tape measure
Electric screwdriver / drill
String line
Ground stakes

Wrought iron fence panels are not only one of the oldest known fencing styles but also stronger and sturdier than aluminum or wooden fencing which are easily available. Wrought iron fencing looks amazing with old Victorian or Tudor style buildings

Step 1 - Plan the Replacement

Check carefully where the replacement has to be done. Checking the posts and fittings would help in planning what fences to buy and what not to buy. Concrete, screws, drill bits, etc can be bought depending on the requirements.

Step 2 - Remove Old Fencing Panels

Once the planning is done, necessary fencing should be bought. The old wrought fencing panels should be removed by unscrewing the bolts and plates holding the fencing panels together. For this, use a drill and hammer. The rust on the post can be scrapped of using sand paper and painting over it. Colors can be chosen according to taste.

Step 3 - Dig the Hole and Set up the Posts

If the posts are too old to be repaired we can replace the old posts by following these steps. Remove the old post from the spot. This can be done by using a shovel and drill to crack open the concrete and dig out the dirt and pull out the post from its concrete hold. Now place the new pole into the hole and fill it up with the mixed concrete. You should fill about 4 feet below ground level. The rest of the hole should be filled with dirt and packed tight. Follow this process to replace the posts, wherever necessary. Ensure that all the posts are of same height and measure the distances in between the posts, before setting them up. Wait up to 3 days or more to allow the setting of concrete.

Step 4 - Set up the Panels

Old paneling should be removed as instructed above. Once the posts are set in, we have to start the installation of the fencing panels.  Fix the panels in between the posts by sliding them into their brackets. You can use a small hammer to help the panels fit in. If the panels are longer than the distance between the posts, use a hack saw to saw off the excessive panel. Once the panel is set inside the brackets use a drill to secure the fencing panels and the post together by the screws provided. Some companies just use pre-fixed brackets instead of screws. Such brackets do not need drilling. Please read the instruction manual which is provided by the manufacturer for this particular step. Keep in mind that level should be maintained between two fencing panels; this gives a sense of continuity and adds beauty to the fencing.