How to Replace Your Bed Springs

A bed spring, or commonly known as a box spring, is a wooden frame that contains springs and is covered by cloth. In most cases, bed springs are placed on a wooden top or above the metal bed frame and functions as a brace. Usually, the size of bed spring is the same with mattress. The mattress, bed spring and bed frame are the materials that made up a bed.

Functions of Bed Springs

The purpose of bed spring is vital. It does not only provide comfort to its users and support for the bed. Following are the purposes of the bed spring:

  • Aids in giving more height for the mattress hence making it easier for people to get in and/or out of the bed
  • Helps in absorbing shock thus reducing the wear of the mattress
  • Helps in creating a perfect flat where the mattress can be placed

Bed spring offers comfort, support, and accessibility to people. But, bed springs do have a life span. If you are experiencing discomfort when sleeping like back pain, you failed to get the sleep you wanted because you are not comfortable with your bed, or you just feel that the idea of sleeping is not as comfortable as before, then it is about time to replace your bed springs.

Replacing Bed Springs

To replace bed springs, here are vital things to consider:

Step 1 - Matching with the Old Mattress

When choosing bed springs, make sure to get bed springs that will match with your old mattress. The combination of bed springs and mattress are designed to give proper comfort and support. Getting another brand for your bed spring may mean result to mismatch of the new bed spring and old mattress hence may result to your mattress to wear faster or even discomfort when sleeping.

Step 2 - Life Span of the Mattress

Moreover, in most cases, the life span of bed spring can reach up to 8 years. This could even go to 10 years if proper care has been given to the bed spring. The life span of bed spring maybe shortened if the mattress has been used severely.

Step 3 - Effects to the Mattress

Since the bed spring is considered as the foundation of the bed because it provides the basic support to mattress, then changing the mattress may demand for a different support from bed springs. For instance, buying a memory foam mattress to get a less bouncing bed may require you to purchase another bed spring to see the results you want.

Step 4 - Price and Quality of a Bed Spring

When buying bed spring 2 important factors should be considered–the price and quality. Some bed springs offered at lower price may not have springs but are only made of cardboard and wood spacers. This kind of bed spring will wear very fast. On the other hand, there are bed springs that are spaced out with springs evenly, hence providing good support for the mattress. The key in choosing the best bed spring is to go for something that your budget can afford.

In conclusion, one of the vital reasons why replacing bed spring is important is to aid a person’s health. Not getting enough sleep, being uncomfortable when sleeping, and getting back pains from sleep can harm a person’s health. And to eliminate these problems, it is better to look for a new bed spring that can provide the support that your mattress needs.