How to Replace Your Broken Kitchen Cabinet Glass

Replacing a broken kitchen cabinet glass is necessary when a crack or break occurs. The process for replacing the glass includes purchasing a replacement kitchen cabinet glass that is cut to the size of the existing kitchen cabinet glass.

Remove Existing Kitchen Cabinet Glass

You will need to remove the existing glass carefully, removing any screws or clips that may be holding the glass in place. Take care to wear gloves or other protective wear in order to prevent your hands or other skin from getting cut. If the glass is shattered, pull each of the shattered pane pieces out one at a time. It may be useful to use a shop vacuum to clean up any remaining loose pieces and glass chards.

Install the Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Glass

Remove putty from the frame with a putty knife to ensure that the new pane can be installed properly. Place the new glass in place and gently slide it into place. When the glass pane is set, apply putty, kneading it around the glass in order to allow it to take form. The putty, when dried, will hold the cabinet glass in place and complete the repair of your kitchen cabinet. Clean the glass with window cleaner.