How to Replace Your Slate Tile Roofing

What You'll Need
Tear off tool
New slate tile roofing
Roofing felt
Roofing stapler
Roofing nails
Chalk line
Tape measure

Although slate tile roofing is designed to last numerous years, there comes a point in time when it will need to be replaced. This is a fairly easy job that most people can complete within a day.

Step 1: Tear Off

Use the tear off tool and strip the entire roof, including the felt that was installed. Make sure that all tiles are removed, as well as any staples or nails that are present. Remove the flashing as you come to it. Clean up after you're done and dispose of the materials according to your local regulations.

Step 2: Layer Roofing Felt

Measure up from the lowest point of the roof the width of the felt and make a mark at both ends of the roof. Line the roofing felt up with it and tack into place with a roofing stapler. Continue on up the roof, making sure to overlap over the top of the existing piece at least six inches. Repeat until the roof is completely covered.

Step 3: Lay the Slate Tile Roofing

Once again begin at the lowest section of the peak and begin laying the slate tiles. Nail them into place making sure that you follow the pattern desired, and overlap the next row on top of the lower rows. Repeat this step until the entire roof is covered. Nail the ridge cap into place after all the sides of the roof have been tiled. Be sure to install the roof flashing as you come to it so that it is installed and overlapped properly.