How to Replace Your Truck's Diesel Fuel Filter

What You'll Need
New diesel fuel filter
Fuel filter tool
Pan to drain extra diesel
Rags for cleaning

All diesel trucks come installed with a diesel fuel filter to extract the best performance out of their engine by supplying clean and filtered fuel into the combustion cylinders. For any diesel engine, the primary equipment of defense to outside dust, dirt and other contaminants entering the combustion cylinders from the fuel tank is the fuel filter. A high-quality diesel fuel filter is able to stop particles down to size of 1 micron coming with the diesel. With time, the filtered particulate matter builds up and gets accumulated on the fuel filter. It can lead to clogging of the fuel injector points or combustion cylinder valves. Thus, it is essential to clean or replace your truck’s diesel fuel filter after a certain period.

Step 1 – Locate the Fuel Filter

Open the hood of the truck and use the owner’s manual to read the diagram to locate the position of the diesel fuel filter. Generally, the fuel filter is located on the rear side of the diesel engine.

Step 2 – Remove Plugs

There are sensors attached at the bottom of the fuel filter, which guide the flow of the diesel through the filter. Remove the wire plugs of the sensors.

Step 3 – Drain Extra Diesel

Place the pan beneath the fuel filter and open the drain valve of the filter so that any remaining extra fuel is drained-off immediately.

Step 4 – Open the Fuel Filter

Now, open the lid of the fuel filter can. Use the fuel filter tool to unscrew the old fuel filter. Make sure to check for the o-ring. While removing the fuel filter bring out the can straight up without tilting. Removing the filter will ooze out more fuel in to the pan.

Step 5 – Place New Fuel Filter

After removing the old filter, now place the new diesel fuel filter into the can. Put some diesel into the fresh filter before installing. Place the o-ring on the can only after greasing it a little. Put the filter can back in its position.

Step 6 – Close the Drain Valves

It is time to close the diesel fuel filter drain valves. Use the fuel filter tool to tighten the screws. Place the wire plugs back on the sensors of fuel filter. Follow bleeding procedure as outlined in owner's manual.

Step 7 – Check for Leakage

The final step in replacing the diesel fuel filter of a truck is to switch on the engine and check for fuel leakage on the joints. Do apply some grease or a few drops of oil on the seal. If there is any kind of leakage, immediately ask for professional help.

This article is a comprehensive guide to replacing and installing a new diesel fuel filter in your truck engine. Replacement should be done with the same brand and size of fuel filter to avoid any problems later. If there is any confusion regarding the fuel filter, choose professional help to guide you. Keep any flammable items and objects away while working with an engine and always use gloves and goggles.