How to Reseed a Lawn In Spring

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  • 4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Lawn roller
Mechanical seeder

Knowing how to reseed a lawn is important so that you will be able to carry out the task yourself and do away with spending money to hire a professional gardener. As long as you bear some basic guidelines in mind, it is a relatively simple task that you will surely master after a few times of trying it out.

Step 1 - Decide when to Reseed Your Lawn

First of all, one has to appreciate the need to reseed a lawn. Reseeding a lawn is a process that will greatly help to improve the general health and look of the site. If you notice any weeds or pests, it is a sign that you might need to reseed it. Furthermore, since most seeds flourish if planted just before springtime, it is often recommended that when spring is at the door, you reseed your lawn.

Step 2 - Test the Soil

It is always best to test the soil to find out whether it requires any nutrients. This can be easily done by using a soil test kit.

Step 3 - Remove Debris

Next, carry out a careful inspection of the whole lawn and clear it of any debris, waste, rocks, leaves, branches, or similar unwanted items.

Step 4 - Prepare the Soil’s Surface

Afterward, use a rake to loosen the soil and prepare its surface for the seeding process.

Step 5 - Sprinkle the Seeds

Once the soil is ready, you can start to sprinkle the seeds that you wish to plant in your lawn. Make sure to select grass seeds that are suitable for the type of soil and climate you have so as to increase your chances for a better yield. You may do this by hand or else use a mechanical seeder, especially if your lawn takes up a large surface area.

Step 6 - Pass over With a Lawn Roller

Next, use a lawn roller to pass over the whole area where you sprinkled the seeds to make sure that they are well covered with the soil.

Step 7 - Spread Fertilizer or Other Compost

You may opt to make use of some fertilizer, compost, or manure. If you are going to use an organic type, you can follow your judgment as to how much to apply. If, however, you are going to utilize a chemical fertilizer, make sure to read the accompanying instructions carefully and to abide by them.

Step 8 - Water

Finally, make sure to water regularly and with a sufficient amount of water.