How to Reset an Airbag Light

An airbag in a car.

When working on the electrical components in your dash, you may find you will also need to reset the airbag light once it is all put back together. Many people who try to do their own work, like putting in a car radio, will sometimes neglect to plug in all of the airbag components. This will cause the airbag light to blink. Resetting the light is an easy car repair you can DIY.

Here are some easy steps to reset the airbag light. These are generic instructions and may not apply to your particular vehicle. Consult owner's manual for instructions if provided, otherwise it will be a job for a specialist.

Step 1 - Plug in Components

If there are any unplugged components within the dash you will need to plug them in before attempting to reset the airbag light.

Step 2 - Turn Ignition to "On"

To start the process get your watch ready and turn the ignition switch from "Off" to "On."

Step 3 - Time Airbag Light

Two airbags in a car.

Once the airbag light comes on it will stay on for a total of seven seconds. Once it turns off, you will have a second to turn the ignition back to "Off."

Step 4 - Turn Ignition "On" After 3 Seconds

After you have the ignition off for three seconds, you will need to turn the key back "On."

Repeat the first few steps two more times and you will see that you have reset the airbag light on the dash. You will know that it is reset once the light comes on and turns off. It will not flash.

And that's how you reset an airbag light. If only all your DIY projects could be this easy.

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