How to Restore an Antique Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Sandpaper or Glass-paper
Filler (Optional)
Wood Glue (Optional
Replacement Glass (Optional)

Use an antique shadow box to beautifully display anything that will fit inside. It only takes a few simple tools and materials to restore your antique piece to its former glory.

Step 1 - Inspect the Condition

Before you begin, evaluate the current condition of your antique shadow box. Look at what could be wrong with it and what needs to have your attention. Areas that might need work include wood work, glass or the items inside. Whatever you need to do, take care not to cause any further damage.

Step 2 - Replacing Glass

If the glass of your shadow box is broken, then it will need to be replaced. To do this, you need to carefully remove the broken piece of glass and then fit a brand new piece. Be careful when removing the old glass especially if it is broken and sharp.

Step 3 - Repairs

If any of the shadow box frame has come apart at all then you may need to use wood glue and screws to fix it back together. Take a look at the state of your shadow box and decide whether this is necessary.

Step 4 - Sanding the Paintwork

The most important step is to sand down the outside of your shadow box and then give it a new lick of paint or stain.

These steps should be able to restore your own antique shadow box quickly and easily.