How to Restore and Reuse Old Parquet Tiles

What You'll Need
Floor Buffer
120 Grit Buffing Screen
Lambswool Applicator
Polyurethane Floor Finish
Plastic Sheet
Latex Floor Filler
Palm Sander
Orbital Sander
Contact Cement

A floor that has old parquet tiles is a diamond that can be restored and reused. Many older homes had hardwood parquet tiles in them to give them an aura of luxury and elegance. Today, parquet tiles are not as common as they use to be, so finding replacement pieces can prove to be difficult for the home renovator who wants to keep his parquet floor. Fortunately, these tiles can be resorted and reused, much like any other hardwood flooring material. Here are the steps you can take to get many extra years out of your parquet floor tiles.

Step 1: Remove Furniture from Room

Before you begin your restoration project you must empty the room of all furniture. As you are doing that you can then block off the rest of the house from the fumes and dust by hanging plastic sheets in all the door ways. 

Step 2: Look for Loose Tiles

Over the course of the years some of the tiles may have worked themselves loose. This is not a problem as you can simply spread out a little contact cement on the bottom of the tile and press it back into place. Repeat this process for each one of the ones that you find.

Step 3: Spread Floor Filler

Mix a gallon of latex floor filler until is is the consistency of something like peanut butter. If you need to add some thinning agent, then do so until you get the desired consistency. Once it is there you need to spread it out over the entire floor with a plastic float. You want to fill in any cracks, holes, and dents that you can with this to make a smooth floor. Rub off all of the excess and then let it dry overnight.

Step 4: Sand Floor

Using 80 and 100 grit sandpaper, you will need to sand down the entire floors. Use an orbital sander for this process until you get to the edges and the corners. At this point you can use a regular palm sander. Let the sander to over the floor itself and do not apply too much down pressure. Once the entire floor has been sanded, vacuum up all the dust and mop the floor to make sure it is clean.

Step 5: Apply Stain

If you want a darker look to your parquet tiles you can rub stain over the surface of the floor. Use a rag and rub it into the floor without brushing it.

Step 6: Apply Finish

Using a lambswool applicator you can spread out the polyurethane finish to the floor. Rub it in like you did with the stain until you get to the edges of the room. Then you will need to use a brush.

Step 7: Buff Floor to Shine

After the finish has had overnight to thoroughly dry, you will be able to use the floor buffer to get that bright shine. Once you have gone over the floor once, wipe off all of the dust and add a second coat of finish. Buff the floor again after the finish has dried. If you need another coat, repeat the process.