How to Restore Birch Plywood

What You'll Need
Degreasing cleaner
Spray bottle
Brush for scrubbing
Finish restorer try to match the color as close to the original color as possible

When your cabinets or furniture that is made from birch plywood gets old, dirty or faded, you will want to restore the wood to its original condition. There are two processes that can be used to restore birch plywood. The first is to clean the wood and then use a finish restorer to bring the wood back to its original finish. The sand and stain method should be used when the birch plywood needs to be completely restored. The sanding and staining process is much more time consuming and labor intensive than the finish restorer method.

Step 1: Clean the Birch Plywood

You will need to use the cleaner to degrease and clean all the dirt from the wood. If you can, purchase a biodegradable cleaner. Put the cleaner into a spray bottle, spray the wood, and use the rag and/or the scrub brush to clean to wood. Make sure to get into the groves and the angles.

Step 2: Rinse the Birch Plywood

Spray and wipe the wood with clean water, repeating the process until the residue from the cleaner has been removed. Dry the wood making sure that the wood dries thoroughly before you move on to the next step.

Step 3: Apply the Finish Restorer

Cover the counter tops, the floor or your work area with plastic before applying the finish restorer to avoid any stains if you happen to drip some. Apply a coat of the finish restorer to restore the look of the birch plywood. The finish restorer also removes any blemishes that age and use has caused.

Step 4: The Finishing Touch

Apply one or more coats of linseed oil according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Linseed oil will help to preserve the finish on the birch plywood.

Restoring the Finish using the Sand and Stain Method

  1. Find a Work Area - Find an area where you will be able to sand the birch plywood keeping in mind that there will be sanding dust everywhere.
  2. Remove the Doors and Hinges - If you will be restoring cabinets, you will need to remove the doors and the hinges using the screwdriver.
  3. Sand the Birch Plywood - In your work area, sand the birch plywood using the sander. Sand the wood until the original finish has been completely removed; sand down to the bare wood.
  4. Cleaning the Birch Plywood - Vacuum and wipe the plywood until all the dust has been removed.
  5. Apply the Stain - Apply the stain to the birch plywood according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you would like a lighter color stain, wipe the stain soon after applying it to the wood. If you would like a darker color, leave the stain on longer before wiping it off. The longer the stain is left before wiping it off, the darker the color of the stain on the wood will be.