How to Restyle Your Home Without Remodeling

A grouping of wallpaper supplies including brushes and rollers.

Perhaps you need a little revamp in your decorative style--some restyling without breaking the bank. If so, you’re looking to be less expensive and more creative without starting new. Think outside the box and try some new ideas in order to use your space to its greatest advantage.

Add Shelving and Wall Storage

A woman installing a shelf on a wall with a power drill.

Many of the new, smaller spaces that are popular use every foot of space to its maximum potential. An easy way to revamp a home and maximize space usage is to change how everything is stored within it. Sure, homes are equipped with closets, cabinets, and other storage spaces, but why not create your own individualized look by using up all that wall space? Art is cool; it adds to a style, but if you sacrifice a few of those wall hangings that you don’t absolutely love for a few shelves and some brightly-colored storage cabinets, it could completely change the space. Not only could you choose from storage with doors that tuck things away, but you also have the option to use shelves to display items of your choice. Whether knick-knacks, candles, baseball cards, or thimbles are your style, shelves create more storage and display, which are the blank slates of the decorating world. Hide things or display them with pride. You choose.

Start with Small Pieces

While it sounds relatively simple, creating a new decorative style starts with one little piece of inspiration. You might find a quilt you absolutely love, for example, and that may be the piece you use in your bedroom to start decorating in a new style. All of the other knick-knacks, rugs, paintings, lamps, and decorations can be moved around your home, depending on their style and if they match that one quilt or other piece. A simple way to restyle your home is to move the little things you already own to different rooms, depending on the focal point of each space. Pick a theme for each room such as rustic, colorful, southwest, forest, seasonal, vintage, or classical. This will help you decide how to rearrange the pieces you already have, and perhaps add a few new things from resale shops, thrift stores, or local shops. The possibilities are endless.

Use Tapestries

An orange tapestry.

Cloth is super versatile and is an awesome redecorating tool. Create new spaces, outline beds and walls, and recreate the center of focus in a room with some bright fabric or unique patterns. Tapestries can also be used to decorate floors, beds, and closets. Try using them to decorate windows, trunks, cabinets, or other furniture you’ve had forever but aren’t willing to part with. Tapestries can accent a space or be the main focus. As with any form of decorating, make sure multiple tapestries match if they’re used in the same space. Too many patterns or colors can be confusing to the eye.

Section off a New Space

If you’ve got a room with plenty of space, it can be difficult to find a way to use a lot of that square footage to its fullest potential. Divide the room and make it into two spaces—create a cozy reading nook, storage space, or kids’ area. This can be simply done by adding a room divider of some sort, whether you decide to hang a curtain from the ceiling, add a room divider, or use bookshelves or other furniture as a sort of dividing wall between spaces. Creating this barrier between the spaces will allow you to rearrange and create an entirely new “room” or space for yourself, depending on what you desire. Try rearranging the furniture, adding storage, or adding cozy blankets and pillows to the space if it’s meant as a resting area.

Customize Crown Molding and Baseboards

A close-up of crown molding on a ceiling.

Change your space by customizing the baseboards and crown molding. While this is a little labor-intensive and requires moving everything away from the walls to install, molding and baseboards can change the décor style of a room or home very quickly. Whether you choose large molding with straight edges or smaller edging that’s been painted bright colors, the shape and color choice can change everything. The molding and baseboards you choose can help create a new feel in a room, especially if much of it is left exposed and isn't covered with furniture, art, or tapestries. Be creative in the corners to create pretty, funky, or classy designs.