How to Resurface a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

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What You'll Need
Sander with 200-grit sandpaper
Clean rags
Painter's tape
Gel coat (epoxy)
Hardener (MEKP)
Bucket (5-gallon)
Mixing bit
Felt paint roller
Wet vacuum
Push broom

A fiberglass swimming pool is an older type of pool construction material. Fiberglass is not used much to make pools anymore because fiberglass wears out faster than other materials. Replacing a fiberglass swimming pool is also very expensive. Instead of making pools out of fiberglass, these days many are now just coated with it. A fiberglass gel, available in many colors, is applied to the inside of a pool and it serves to change the color of the pool as well as to protect the inside of the pool. If you have an old fiberglass swimming pool you can resurface it with this fiberglass gel. You can resurface newer pools as well to change the color or for added protection. Hiring someone to do the work will cost a lot of money but you can do it yourself.

Step 1 - Ready the Pool for Resurfacing

power sander laying next to safety glasses

Before resurfacing a fiberglass swimming pool you need to do a few things in order to make the gel stick and be effective. Drain the pool and use the vacuum to suck up any puddles that may remain. Allow the inside of the pool to dry completely. Get a good electric sander and load it with the 200-grit sandpaper. Use it to sand down the sides of the pool until there is no more shine left. Make sure you use a respirator while you sand down the pool. Use the push broom to sweep up any dirt, leaves or other debris. Once all the dirt and debris is removed soak rags with acetone and wipe down the sides of the pool. Place painter's tape around the pool to protect the deck from the fiberglass gel. Also tape up the lights, vents and any other areas that should not be covered with the fiberglass.

Step 2 - Mix the Fiberglass Gel

mixing a resin into a pail

Make sure that the bucket you are using is completely clean and free of dust and moisture. Pour the epoxy gel coat into the bucket. Make sure there is enough room left in the bucket to stir the epoxy and hardener. After the gel coat is in the bucket add the hardener. Use the instructions on the container in order to discern the right amount of hardener to add. Once the hardener is added, use the drill with the mixer attachment and stir the chemicals together until full incorporated.

Step 3 - Resurface the Fiberglass Swimming Pool

The best way to apply the fiberglass gel is by using a felt paint roller. Dip it into the bucket until it is saturated and roll it onto the wall of the pool. Make sure it is applied thick. Continue until the entire pool is painted with the gel. Cover the pool with a pool cover and let the first coat dry for two days. Apply a second coat and allow it to dry for a day before filling the pool.