How to Reupholster a Love Seat

If you want to reupholster that cozy loveseat in a more creative way, and also want to save on costs, here is an easy guide that can assist you in the process, without draining your finances.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Stapler and Pins
  • New Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Glue
  • Foam
  • Batting 
  • Lace

Step 1: Removing

Turn the loveseat on to its face and use a screwdriver to remove the staples or hooks that attach the old upholstery fabric to the bottom side and the backside of the seat. Now take the knife and carefully make a narrow slit at the seams along the sides of the seat. Make sure that the fabric is not damaged as you have to use it later for making the new cover.

Step 2: Taking Off Fabric

Now, gently take off the remaining cover fabric from the seat. Note what parts of the cloth were used over which portions of the loveseat, for your convenience. If the seat cover is fixed and cannot be removed, then the new covers have to be placed right over them.

Step 3: Cutting Out

Place the new material to be used on a table or floor, with the designed face of the material downwards. Now, place the old fabric over it, and attach them to each other, using pins. Cut pieces out of the new fabric, according to the shape of the older covers. From the seams, leave an extra inch, so that they fit perfectly on the seat.

Step 4: Making Covers

Use a measuring tape to note the dimensions of the cushions. Put a cushion on the fabric piece cut out and trace it all around at the front and then, the back. According to the measurements, cut out long rectangular strips of fabric to cover that seat. All cuts made on the new fabric must be an inch more than the old fabric.

Step 5: Installing Foam

Check if the loveseat foam needs to be changed. If so, then apply glue on the part where the foam has to be placed, or spray some adhesive meant for the foam in this area. Now, cut out the required length and width of the foam and place it on the surface where you have applied the glue. After this, if you want to place a new batting, simply spray some adhesive on the foam and fix the batting over it. The batting must not wobble or skid off.

Step 6: Final Touches

Now, take the fabric cut-outs and wrap on to the specific parts of the loveseat. Staple at the corners, so that the staples are not visible on the outer face of the seat. First attach the back, and then proceed to the bottom area and finally the top or face of the seat. For the cushions too, wrap the fabric and then staple them at the lower ends. Do not staple such that the cover sits extremely tight. A little bit of looseness is desirable so that the cushions are soft and comfortable. Alternatively, you could sew the cushion cover pieces, leaving a side open, and put in the cushion through this side. Finally, stitch up this open part or attach a zip on it. For enhancing the look of the cushions of the love seat, you could fix some lace at the sides, using fabric adhesive.

Your loveseat cover is reupholstered.