How to Re-Upholster Window Seat Cushions

What You'll Need
Seat cushion stuffing or batting material
Your favorite fabric material
Wood backboard
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Staples or upholstery tacks
Heavy duty stapler
A pair of sharp scissors

Looking for a new style? Updating your décor in your house? Try adding a new flare by re-upholstering your window seat cushions.  Re-upholstering can be a great alternative to purchasing new furniture. Re-upholstering window seat cushions is an easy weekend task that anyone can accomplish. It requires very few materials and only a couple tools. Follow the steps below and you will have beautifully new window seat covers to match your new decorating motto or theme.

Step 1 – Pick Your Material

Take a trip to your local craft or fabric store and pick out your favorite fabric. For seat cushions, a heavier fabric material is recommended. Stay away from pure cotton material or materials used to create blankets or patchwork quilts. This type of material tends to fade and wrinkle very easily. Spend a little extra money on high quality fabric, such as drapery fabric. If you are a beginner with this type of project, stay away from suede and leather. This type of material is much more difficult to work with on a re-upholstering project. As you get comfortable with re-upholstering your window seat, you can try to re-beautify some of your other furniture pieces with a stiffer fabric, such as leather.

Step 2 – Remove Your Window Seat

Remove your pre-existing window seat cushions. Pop the cushions off either with a pair of scissors or if the window seat cushions are affixed with screws, unscrew the cushions from the frame and remove it. Remove all the staples or tacks using a pair of needle nose pliers.  The frame and/or back board will be used with your new fabric. Make sure it is free from any prickly metal pieces.

Step 4 – Remove the Window Seat Cover and Cushions

Assuming you wish to add new ‘plump’ to your window seat, completely remove the seat cover and imbedded batting or cushioning from the stabilizing board (seat board). 

Step 5 – Cover the New Cushioning and Batting

Take out your new cushions and cotton batting. Cut any additional pieces you need. Pile it to its desired thickness. If you are using multiple pieces, tack the pieces together using a small coating of hot glue. This will allow you to wrap your batting easily. Wrap the cushion batting with your new fabric. You will wrap the cushion the same way you wrap a present. Pull the fabric snug and tack in place with one staple and a bit of hot glue. Finish overlaying the material until your batting is completely covered. Tack with additional glue and a few more staples.  Set the cushion inside your window seat frame and affix with staples or with upholstery tacking. If you have any leftover batting and material, think about creating a few accent pillows to go with your new window seat.