How to Reuse a Laptop Screen

There are several ways to reuse an old or broken laptop screen. An excellent way to practice being green is by reusing your old products that you can no longer use. There are several different alternatives to simply throwing your laptop screen away, especially if it still works properly.

Digital Photo Frame

If your laptop screen has not suffered any damage, and the CD/DVD drive still works, then you can turn your screen into a digital picture frame. If you are still able to maintain a wireless connection that works, then you can display pictures that you have posted online. This can be a quick and easy process. You will simply need a VGA cable as well as 2 electrical outlets.

Other Options

A few other options that you have to choose from include using the frame of the screen as a unique picture frame. You can also go online and make a few extra dollars by selling the working parts of your laptop, such as the screen.

Give it Away

Giving away your laptop screen to someone that can use it is a terrific way to help out someone in need. Try to find a Freecycle program in your neighborhood, or ask around to friends and family to see if anyone is in need of a used laptop screen.