How To Revitalize Old Drawer Fronts

As drawer fronts age over the years they show wear and become drab looking. Restoring them is a relatively easy process that can bring entire living spaces back to life. Here are some basic tips for revitalizing old drawer fronts.


Refacing drawer fronts is a cost-effective solution as long as the surfaces are not worn out beyond repair. You will need to replace the front part of the drawer with new material and then treat the entire cabinet frame with a veneer that matches. You don’t need to use wood for this as less expensive options like plastics and plywood readily available and easier to maintain.


Painting is the quickest and easiest way to revitalize your old drawer front. Strip off the existing finish and sand the surface down until it is smooth to the touch. Apply paint or stain. Over a coat of paint you can use stencils to create designs and motifs on the drawer fronts. This is a nice customization technique that will also hide any flaws in the wood.

Remove Doors

Another simple idea is to remove the cabinet doors. While this may not suit every style of décor, it is a natural for cottage-themed  kitchens or Victorian interiors.