How to Rig Striper Fishing Lures

What You'll Need
Fishing Lure
Fishing Pole
Strong Fishing Line

There are plenty of striper fishing lures to choose from when going after this prized bass. When fishing for striped bass you will need to find the right kind of lure to attract them into striking. Once the fish has struck the lure then there is plenty of fun in the fight when trying to land this great predatory fish. One of the problems associated with striper fishing lures is not the lure itself, but the way that it was tied on. Many times the fish gets away because the knot is not sufficient. Here is how you should rig up your striper fishing lure.

Step 1: Use Plenty of Line

One of the things that you need to do when rigging the lure is to have plenty of line to work with. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to rig the lure with a small amount of line. What happens is they continually fight against the tension of the line and do not get a correct know. Let out plenty of line to use before sitting down to rig the lure.

Step 2: Double Line

Take the end of the fishing line and double it over itself. This should be about 5 or 6 inches of line. Hold it like you would if you were making a loop in your shoelace.

Step 3: Thread Loop Through Lure

With the loop in one hand the lure in the other, thread the looped portion of the line through the eye of the lure. It is important that the line does not come undone and it stays doubled.

Step 4: Tie Overhand Knot

Once the loop is through the eye of the lure then you will need to tie a beginning knot. Wrap the loop around itself and pull the end of the loop back through the new loop that was formed. You want to make sure not to pull the tag of the line tight. It must remain slack in order to finish the knot.

Step 5: Pass Lure through Loop

With the slack remaining in the overhand knot you just completed, pass the lure through the first loop you made. This is the reason for using plenty of line. It must be a large enough loop for the lure to pass through.

Step 6: Tighten Line

After the lure has been passed through the first loop you can tighten the line up on itself. Grab the tag end of the line (or the free end) and the standing end of the loop and pull it tight. This will cause the line to tighten in on itself. With this type of knot you do not have to worry about any of the loops coming undone. It is actually held in place by the fish fighting against the lure.

Step 7: Trim Excess Line

It is important to remove any of the excess line that is remaining on the tag end of the line. A small pair of fingernail clippers will do a good job at this. Do not cut it too short that you cut into the other line, but close enough so that it does not scare off that monster striped bass.