How to Safely Clean Up Broken Mirror Pieces

With a broken mirror, seven years of bad luck may be a superstition, but the cleanup challenges are real. Always wear closed-toe shoes when cleaning up broken glass, and dispose of the shards in a paper bag. Broken mirror pieces can easily puncture a plastic sack. Keep pets and children out of the area until all the glass is cleaned up.

Cleaning up Broken Mirrors on Hard Floors

A thorough sweeping with a broom and dustpan picks up most broken mirror pieces. To get the tiny slivers that slip through a broom, press the cut side of a piece of bread—white bread is more effective than multigrain or seeded bread—firmly on the floor in the entire area. The small pieces of broken glass stick in the bread. Be sure to dispose of the slice of bread along with the other broken mirror shards

Cleaning up Broken Mirrors on Carpet

When a mirror breaks on carpet, sweeping or vacuuming can drive fragments into the pile. Pick up the larger shards of broken mirror by hand, wearing gardening gloves or other hand protection and avoiding contact with the broken edges. A kitchen pancake turner can help lift the pieces. To clean up the smaller pieces, run an adhesive lint roller over the area several times. Vacuum after all the visible fragments are cleaned up, to get the tiniest shards.